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Smartproxy is a leading public data access platform that provides a vast network of over 65 million residential, mobile, and shared or dedicated datacenter proxies. With its advanced proxy management tools and scraping APIs, Smartproxy simplifies the process of data gathering and web scraping.


Vast Proxy Network

Smartproxy offers a robust network of over 65 million residential, mobile, and shared or dedicated datacenter proxies. This vast network allows users to access data from various locations worldwide, making it a versatile tool for data gathering and web scraping.

Rotating Proxies

The platform provides rotating proxies that switch between themselves with every session or at regular intervals. This feature enhances anonymity and reduces the risk of IP bans, making data collection more efficient and secure.

Advanced Proxy Management Tools

Smartproxy offers a suite of free proxy management tools, including an on-site dashboard, a public API, browser extensions, and an Address Generator. These tools simplify the process of managing proxies and enhance the user experience.

Scraping APIs

Smartproxy provides Scraping APIs for various data-gathering needs, including SERP, eCommerce, and social media scraping. These APIs simplify the web crawling process and are particularly beneficial for users who want to collect data but don't want to build their web scrapers.

Ethical IP Sourcing Practices

Smartproxy prioritizes user consent and employs robust security measures to safeguard the owners of residential IP addresses. The platform is recognized for its exceptional standards of security, anonymity, and ethical IP sourcing practices.

Use Cases of Smartproxy

  • Data Collection: Smartproxy's vast network and rotating proxies make it an ideal tool for large-scale data collection from various sources.
  • Web Scraping: With its advanced Scraping APIs, Smartproxy simplifies the web scraping process, making it a go-to tool for data scientists and researchers.
  • IP Anonymity: Smartproxy's rotating proxies and ethical IP sourcing practices provide enhanced IP anonymity, making it a reliable tool for users who prioritize privacy and security.

Smartproxy Pricing Plans

Given below are the pricing plans for Dedicated Datacenter proxies.

  • Teeny: This plan comes for $7.5 per month.
  • Tiny: This plan comes for $40 per month.
  • Mini: This plan comes for $95 per month.
  • Main: This plan comes for $320 per month.

Smartproxy Alternatives

  • Oxylabs: Oxylabs is a premium version of Smartproxy with a significantly larger IP pool and specialized APIs that simplify web scraping.
  • Bright Data: Formerly known as Luminati, Bright Data is a strong option with more features and powerful proxy management tools.
  • SOAX: SOAX offers affordable residential proxies with flexible rotation and over 100 locations. It is a good choice for those who need more features at a lower entry point.

A few Final Words on Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a tool that provides a secure and efficient way to access data on the web. Whether you are a business, an individual hustler, or a web developer, Smartproxy offers a variety of proxies to cater to your specific needs. With its advanced features and high performance, Smartproxy stands out as a top choice for data access and web scraping.

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