• Access public data effortlessly.
  • Vast residential, datacenter IPs.
  • Automate data extraction process.
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Oxylabs is a leading web intelligence platform that enables companies worldwide to unlock data-driven insights. Founded in 2015, Oxylabs provides businesses with ethical proxy solutions to gather public web data at scale for various applications like market research, brand protection, ad verification, and more. 


Key Features of Oxylabs

  • Oxylabs provides a large pool of rotating residential proxies, enabling businesses to achieve high success rates in data extraction. These proxies rotate IP addresses, ensuring block-free data gathering and enhancing the efficiency of web scraping operations.
  • The Proxy Rotator feature in Oxylabs ensures seamless data extraction by rotating IP addresses, thereby avoiding blocks while gathering data.
  • Oxylabs' Adaptive Parser, powered by AI, allows businesses to collect structured data from e-commerce product pages. This feature automates the data extraction process, saving time and resources.
  • With the Custom Parser, businesses can define their own parsing logic and receive ready-to-use data. This feature provides flexibility in data extraction, catering to specific business needs.
  • The Scheduler feature in Oxylabs allows businesses to automate repetitive scraping and parsing jobs at desired intervals. This feature enhances the efficiency of data extraction operations.

Use Cases of Oxylabs

  • Market Research: Oxylabs enables businesses to smoothly gather data for market research. With its premium proxies, companies can focus on data analysis rather than data delivery.
  • Backlink Building: Businesses can create or revise their backlink-building strategy with Oxylabs’ assistance. This helps in improving website SEO and increasing online visibility.
  • Price Monitoring: Oxylabs allows businesses to oversee the compliance of pricing policies and take action to enforce fair market practices. This is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses for competitive pricing.

Oxylabs Pricing Plans

Given below are the pricing plans offered Residential Proxies by Oxylabs

  • Pay As You Go: The pay-as-you-go plan starts at $10 per Gigabyte.
  • Micro: This plan comes for $99 per month.
  • Starter: This plan comes for $300 per month.
  • Advanced: This plan comes for $600 per month.

Note: These are the regular pricing plans, interested users can check enterprise prices on the website.

Oxylabs Alternatives

  • Bright Data: Known as Oxylabs' biggest competitor in the premium space, Bright Data offers even more features, powerful proxy management tools, and complete pre-scraped data sets.
  • Omegaproxy: If Oxylabs is out of your budget range, Smartproxy is a great alternative. It offers similar performance, a great user experience, and proxy-based tools, albeit with fewer features.
  • SOAX: SOAX is another reliable alternative to Oxylabs. It provides flexible and customizable residential and mobile proxies for businesses, ensuring smooth and efficient data extraction.

Oxylabs Affiliate Program

The Oxylabs Affiliate Program is an opportunity for digital specialists with valid websites and established social profiles to earn commissions by promoting Oxylabs' products and services. By joining the program, affiliates can earn 50% commissions up to $2,000 per client, gain additional exposure for their brand, and access a range of resources, including a free trial of Oxylabs products, detailed documentation, and live chat support.

This program is open to a variety of professionals, including tech content creators on YouTube, SEO experts, bloggers, Telegram and GitLab personas, and IT and e-commerce specialists.

Bottom Line

Oxylabs is a powerful tool for businesses looking to extract data at scale. Its robust features and vast network of IP proxies make it a reliable choice for businesses across various sectors. Whether it's for market research, backlink building, or price monitoring, Oxylabs provides the necessary tools and resources to help businesses achieve their data extraction goals.

Oxylabs Details

AI Features
  • Effortless task automation.
  • $10/month
  • Boost market intelligence
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