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Zen Arbitrage

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Zen Arbitrage is an innovative online book arbitrage platform created by Peter Valley, an experienced Amazon seller and author. It scans Amazon's catalog to identify mismatches between the buy box price and the lowest FBA price. It compiles this data into a searchable database that users can filter by criteria like sales rank, buy box price, and more.


Zen Arbitrage

Key Features of Zen Arbitrage

  • The platform's software searches Amazon for new and used book prices, comparing them to current FBA prices for books in the same or similar condition.
  • This extension displays valuable information about books directly on Amazon, including new-to-new FBA column and eBay prices.
  • Users receive automatic notifications when a book they are selling or following experiences a price drop, allowing them to purchase it at a discount and flip it for more money.
  • Zen Arbitrage provides a list of profitable books, enabling users to pay other members in the community for leads they have found. Users can also sell their leads to the community.
  • The platform offers multiple strategies for book arbitrage, maximizing profit potential.

Use Cases of Zen Arbitrage

  • Profit Maximization: Zen Arbitrage allows users to find low-priced books on Amazon, purchase them, and resell on Amazon FBA for a higher profit margin.
  • Price Monitoring: With Zen Arbitrage's Price Drop Alert Feature, users can receive automatic notifications when a book they are selling or following experiences a price drop.
  • Community Trading: Zen Arbitrage provides a platform for users to buy and sell profitable book leads within the community, creating additional income opportunities.

Zen Arbitrage Pricing Plans

Zen Arbitrage offers one pricing for its users. Users can get Zen Arbitrage for $97 per month. Users can also try the tool free for 14 days.

Zen Arbitrage Alternatives

  • eFlip: eFlip is a book arbitrage software that allows users to find low-cost books on Amazon and resell them for a profit, similar to Zen Arbitrage.
  • Seller Assistant App: This is a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers, offering features like profit calculation, inventory management, and automated repricing.
  • Tactical Arbitrage: Tactical Arbitrage is a powerful tool for online arbitrage, offering features like product search, price comparison, and sales rank tracking.

A few Final Words on Zen Arbitrage

Zen Arbitrage is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers looking to capitalize on book arbitrage opportunities. With its custom-built software, Chrome extension, price drop alerts, and pre-built list of profitable books, users can efficiently find, purchase, and resell books for higher profits on Amazon FBA.

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  • $97/month
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