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Viral Launch is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help Amazon sellers research, launch, and optimize their products on the platform. With its easy-to-use software suite, Viral Launch aims to provide sellers with a competitive advantage by offering a range of features that streamline various aspects of selling on Amazon, from product research to launching and scaling a business.

Viral Launch

Product Research

Viral Launch offers a powerful product discovery tool that helps sellers find profitable product ideas with accurate sales estimates, trends, insights, and more. The tool allows users to filter and search for new product ideas by uncovering which products are performing best in a certain niche.

Keyword Research

The platform includes a keyword research tool that identifies the most important keywords for a product, helping sellers optimize their listings for SEO. This tool performs a reverse market lookup, pulling in a list of hyper-relevant keywords that can be used to optimize listings and improve rankings.

Competitor Tracking

Viral Launch's Competitor Intelligence tool allows sellers to monitor their top competitors, learn from their strengths, and capitalize on their weaknesses. This feature provides insights into competitors' SEO and advertising strategies, helping sellers stay ahead of the competition.

Listing Optimization

The platform offers listing optimization features, including a listing analyzer that compares a seller's listing to those of competitors and identifies areas for improvement. Additionally, Viral Launch has a listing builder for creating optimized written content based on targeted keywords.

PPC Advertising Management

Viral Launch's Kinetic PPC management tool enables sellers to manage their Amazon advertising campaigns, analyze performance, and create time-saving automation. This feature integrates with the keyword research tool, providing a comprehensive view of a seller's keyword strategy.

Product Launch Service

Viral Launch offers a product launch service that helps sellers launch their products quickly and effectively1. This service includes distributing coupons and offering huge discounts to a private marketplace of Amazon customers, resulting in increased sales velocity, more customer reviews, and better rankings.

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Use Cases of Viral Launch

  • Product Discovery: Use Viral Launch to uncover profitable product ideas, leveraging accurate sales estimates, trends, and insights to identify top-performing products in your niche.
  • Competitor Analysis: Utilize Viral Launch's Competitor Intelligence tool to monitor your top competitors, learn from their strengths, and capitalize on their weaknesses, gaining insights into their SEO and advertising strategies.
  • Listing Optimization: Optimize your Amazon listings with Viral Launch's listing analyzer and builder, creating keyword-optimized content that outperforms your competitors and improves your rankings.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

  • Essentials: This plan comes for $58 per month on annual billing.
  • Pro: This plan comes for $83 per month on annual billing.
  • Pro Plus Ads: This plan comes for $166 per month on annual billing.

Viral Launch Alternatives

  • Helium10: This tool offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for Amazon sellers, including product discovery, keyword research, competitor analysis, and listing optimization, making it a robust alternative to Viral Launch.
  • Jungle Scout: Known for its enterprise-level insights, Jungle Scout provides competitive analysis at a lower cost, making it a popular choice among Amazon sellers. It offers features like product research, keyword tracking, and competitor monitoring.
  • ZonGuru: With more than 10 powerful Amazon FBA tools, ZonGuru is an excellent alternative to Viral Launch. It offers features like keyword research, listing optimization, and competitor tracking, among others.

Viral Launch Affiliate Program

The Viral Launch Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals to earn commissions by promoting Viral Launch's suite of Amazon seller tools. As an affiliate, you receive a unique link to use in your content, driving traffic and sales to Viral Launch's software and services. When a purchase is made through your link, the buyer receives a discount, and you earn a commission.

The program offers a pay-per-sale commission of 15% for the lifetime of the subscription, excluding international launches and listings. Payouts are made at the end of each month, with a minimum balance of $200 required for payout. The program is free to join, and the potential for earnings is unlimited.

To Summarize

Viral Launch is a powerful and comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers, offering a range of features that help streamline the process of researching, launching, and optimizing products on the platform. With its easy-to-use software suite and competitive pricing, Viral Launch is an excellent choice for sellers looking to gain an edge in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

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