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FeedbackWhiz is a robust Amazon Seller management software that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline and optimize various aspects of an Amazon business. FeedbackWhiz is designed to empower sellers with the resources they need to thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.


Order Management

FeedbackWhiz's Order Management feature is a powerful tool that allows sellers to search through their orders using advanced Amazon order metrics. This feature acts like an order metrics search engine, showing sellers the exact information they need.

It enables sellers to review their entire Amazon order history and filter by any time period and over 20 other seller metrics. This advanced filtering allows sellers to locate any order(s) and track vital information like order status, email statistics, feedback information, and more.

Feedback Repair Management

The Feedback Repair Management feature of FeedbackWhiz is designed to help sellers manage their Amazon feedback and automate and monitor customer interactions. This feature provides instant notifications for neutral and negative feedback, allowing sellers to act quickly to satisfy frustrated customers. 

FeedbackWhiz also provides tools to create email campaigns to maximize the chances of customers removing negative reviews without violating Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Email Automation and Analytics

FeedbackWhiz's Email Automation and Analytics feature allows sellers to create campaigns using either customized emails or triggering the request a review button. Custom emails are sent via the Amazon buyer-seller messaging system, while Amazon review requests are emails sent on behalf of Amazon by triggering the Amazon request a review button inside Seller Central. Both methods are 100% compliant with Amazon's communication policies for requesting reviews.

Product Review Tools

The Product Review Tools feature of FeedbackWhiz provides sellers with the ability to analyze their competitors’ Amazon product listings, descriptions, feedback ratings, reviews, and more. This feature helps sellers to differentiate themselves from competitors offering the same and similar products.

Monitoring and Notifications

FeedbackWhiz's Monitoring and Notifications feature provides alerts on critical events such as new product reviews, seller feedback, hijacker activity, listing title changes, buy box loss, pricing shifts, and more. This feature allows sellers to stay on top of their Amazon business even when they are offline.

Profits and Accounting

The Profits and Accounting feature of FeedbackWhiz allows sellers to customize their Amazon revenue and expense tracking systems to meet their exact needs. This feature provides insights that help sellers increase profit margins by measuring the performance of all their Amazon product listings over time.

Use Cases of Feedbackwhiz

  • Review Analysis: With FeedbackWhiz's AI-driven Review Summary tool, Amazon sellers can efficiently collect and analyze important product reviews, providing unrivaled insight into the products in their Amazon store.
  • Feedback Management: FeedbackWhiz offers Amazon feedback management tools that help sellers manage their Amazon feedback and automate and monitor customer interactions.
  • Email AutomationFeedbackWhiz enables sellers to create, automate, and send customized emails through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging, helping sellers get more Amazon product reviews.

Feedbackwhiz Pricing Plans

  • Starter: This plan comes for $20 per month.
  • Basic: This plan comes for $40 per month.
  • Professional: This plan comes for $80 per month.
  • Ultimate: This plan comes for $140 per month.

Feedbackwhiz Alternatives

  • Helium10: Helium10 is a comprehensive suite of tools that provides everything Amazon sellers need to grow their business, including product research, keyword tracking, listing optimization, and more.
  • Bazaarvoice: Bazaarvoice is a platform that allows businesses to collect and publish authentic feedback from their customers. It provides various modules including ratings & reviews, questions & answers, and insights.
  • SellerLion: SellerLion is a feedback software provider that helps Amazon sellers increase their feedback and reviews. It offers a competitively priced Amazon review management tool that helps sellers manage customer feedback and product reviews.

To Summarize

FeedbackWhiz is a comprehensive tool that provides a range of features to help Amazon sellers manage and grow their online business. From order management to feedback repair, email automation, product review tools, monitoring, and profit tracking, FeedbackWhiz offers a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers. By leveraging the power of FeedbackWhiz, sellers can make smart decisions, save time, and focus on growing their Amazon business.

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