AFF Tools Collection

Turning visitors into leads Boost sales, engagement. Streamline, boost revenue.
Chatbot for your business!
LongShot AI transforms creation. FactGPT: Engaging content, effortlessly. LongShot AI: SERP optimization.
Unleash your potential
Unleash brand potential! No design skills needed. One-stop branding solution.
Create logo for Free!
Creative Freedom Unleashed! Pro-Level Copyright-Free Music. Mood-Tailored Tracks.
Generate music with AI!
Your Marketing Maverick! Elevate Conversations. Insights Unleashed.
Text to speech with AI
Unique, SEO content growth. No content stress,  with MarkCopy's AI. Boost visibility with SEO.
AI for your brand!
Minea: E-commerce power tool! Minea finds winning products. Comprehensive ad tracking.
Winning products in 3 clicks
Creativity over management. Madgicx maximizes KPIs, autonomously. Madgicx boosts ads, maximizes ROI.
Try Madgicx for Free!
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