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TrendSpider is a cutting-edge, all-in-one technical analysis software designed to assist traders in making informed decisions. It is a comprehensive tool that integrates chart analysis, strategy development, backtesting, trade timing, and execution tools, all under one roof.


Key Features of TrendSpider

  • TrendSpider offers automated technical analysis, which includes automatic trendline detection, Fibonacci retracements, and candlestick pattern recognition. This feature reduces the manual work involved in drawing trendlines and identifying patterns, thereby saving time and minimizing human errors.
  • TrendSpider provides two types of alerts – Dynamic Alerts and Multi-Factor Alerts. Dynamic Alerts notify users when the price breaks through, touches, or bounces off a trendline or indicator. Multi-Factor Alerts allow users to create different conditions at which a price or candlestick patterns or indicators cross, and get notified whenever the defined conditions are triggered.
  • The Market Scanner feature allows users to create a dynamic Smart Watchlist based on a set of custom-defined & multi-factored technical criteria. This feature makes it easy to scan for opportunities across multiple timeframes.
  • TrendSpider's Strategy Tester allows users to create, test, and refine trading strategies. It provides a robust set of statistical metrics for refining trading strategies, including net profit, the ratio of winning and losing trades, expectancy, and more.
  • TrendSpider offers customizable charts with a wide range of automated, cloud-based tools designed to save time and make analysis easier. It includes features like heatmaps, Raindrop Charts, and anchored indicators. It also offers a Multi-Symbol View, allowing users to monitor up to 16 different assets in a single workspace.

Use Cases of TrendSpider

  • Trade Timing: Utilize TrendSpider's automated technical analysis to identify optimal entry and exit points for trades.
  • Market Scanning: Leverage the Market Scanner feature to quickly spot potential technical trade setups across multiple timeframes.
  • Strategy Testing: Use the Strategy Tester to backtest and refine trading strategies, improving trading systematically.

TrendSpider Pricing Plans

  • Premium: This plan comes for $24.75 per month on yearly billing.
  • Pro: This plan comes for $33.08 per month on yearly billing.
  • Pro Plus: This plan comes for $62.25 per month on yearly billing.

TrendSpider Alternatives

  • TradingView: This platform is considered the best overall alternative to TrendSpider. It offers global market data, advanced charts, fundamental & technical screening, backtesting, trading, and a large social community.
  • Trade Ideas: Designed with busy traders in mind, Trade Ideas offers a plethora of automated features to ensure that traders never miss a key moment in the stocks markets. It provides seamless integration with Interactive Brokers for easy trade execution.
  • TC2000: This platform is a great alternative for options traders, a class not covered by TrendSpider. It offers in-platform trading when you sign up for a separate TC2000 brokerage account.

TrendSpider Affiliate Program

TrendSpider offers an award-winning affiliate referral program that allows traders to earn money by sharing their charts with other traders. Affiliates can earn up to a 30% recurring revenue share from any customers they refer. The program includes a 365-day, refreshable tracking system to ensure affiliates are correctly credited for any customers they refer.

TrendSpider provides extensive marketing support services, including joint webinars, social media marketing cover, online ad campaigns, and more. However, to maintain the value of their brand, TrendSpider maintains strict standards for participation in the affiliate program, including operating a business or service related to trading or investing, providing accurate contact information, and adhering to ethical marketing practices.

Few Final Words on TrendSpider

TrendSpider is a comprehensive trading software that offers a wide range of tools to assist traders in making informed trading decisions. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for both novice and experienced traders. Whether you're looking to analyze market trends, develop and test trading strategies, find high-quality trading ideas, or determine the optimal time to execute a trade, TrendSpider has you covered.

TrendSpider Details

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