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Leadfeeder is a cutting-edge tool designed to help businesses identify who visits their website, even if they don't fill out a form or make a purchase. It's a powerful solution that provides invaluable insights into your web visitors, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies effectively.


Key Features of Leadfeeder

  • Website Visitor Tracking: Leadfeeder identifies the companies visiting your website, providing insights into how they found you and what content they engage with on your site. This feature allows businesses to understand their audience better and optimize their content accordingly.
  • Lead Scoring and Qualification: Leadfeeder offers custom segmentation to score and qualify visitors. This helps businesses prioritize their leads and focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.
  • Contact Identification: With Leadfeeder Contacts™, businesses can determine the best person to contact from a visiting company. This feature helps streamline the process of reaching out to potential leads.
  • Integration with CRM Tools: Leadfeeder integrates natively with various CRM tools like Pipedrive, Salesforce, and HubSpot. This allows businesses to connect their existing tools directly with Leadfeeder, enabling seamless data transfer in both directions.
  • Data Quality Assurance: Leadfeeder ensures the quality of its data by automatically filtering out ISPs, bots, and low-quality traffic. This means businesses only receive information about genuine, high-quality leads.

Use Cases of Leadfeeder

  • Lead Identification: “Quickly identify and track companies visiting your website to generate high-quality leads.
  • Sales Optimization: “Empower your sales team with valuable insights about potential leads, enhancing their ability to close deals.
  • Content Strategy: Understand what content engages your audience the most, and use these insights to optimize your content strategy.

Leadfeeder Pricing Plans

  • Free: This is a free plan.
  • Paid: This plan comes for €139 per month.

Leadfeeder Alternatives

  • Albacross: A lead generation tool that uncovers anonymous site visitors and captures leads, offering custom tracking script and integration with various tools via Zapier.
  • Lead Forensics: A well-established website visitor identification software with a large database of IP addresses, focusing on visitor identification and contact data.
  • Clearbit: A B2B data activation platform that provides a suite of products for identifying and tracking accounts visiting websites, as well as contact identification and enrichment.

Bottom Line

Leadfeeder is a powerful tool that provides businesses with invaluable insights into their web visitors. Its unique features and user-friendly platform make it an essential tool for any business looking to optimize their marketing strategies. With Leadfeeder, you can transform anonymous web traffic into actionable data, enabling you to understand your audience better and tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

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Try Leadfeeder for free!
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