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FunnelFlux is a marketing tracking platform that empowers users to build and manage their marketing campaigns visually. It stands out in the performance marketing space with its unique visual funnel builder, allowing users to create intricate marketing journeys with ease.


Visual Funnel Builder

The Visual Funnel Builder is a standout feature of FunnelFlux Pro. It allows users to create simple or complex marketing flows with ease. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it feel like you're drawing on a whiteboard. This feature is particularly beneficial for performance marketers who need to create intricate journeys that other trackers struggle with.

Comprehensive Reporting

FunnelFlux Pro provides in-depth reporting, offering every metric you could possibly need. It allows you to analyze your data thoroughly, giving you insights into page visits, clicks, conversions, and much more1. The reporting feature is flexible and powerful, providing lightning-fast quick stats.

Tracking Capabilities

FunnelFlux Pro offers industry-leading JavaScript tracking and fast global redirects. It also provides cookie-less tracking, making it easy to track users across multiple platforms. This feature is particularly useful for advertising agencies that need to track journeys of any size, scope, and scale.


FunnelFlux Pro offers useful integrations with platforms like The Optimizer, Clickbank, and TikTok + Facebook conversion APIs. These integrations make it easier to track your marketing campaigns across different platforms.

Use Cases of Funnelflux Pro

  • Campaign Management: Use FunnelFlux Pro to visually build and manage hundreds of marketing campaigns across various traffic sources, all from a single funnel.
  • Performance Tracking: Leverage FunnelFlux Pro for real-time, server-side tracking of your marketing campaigns, capturing every detail from page visits to conversions, across multiple platforms.
  • Sales Optimization: Utilize FunnelFlux Pro to track and optimize the customer journey, centralizing all necessary data for maximizing the return on your paid advertising campaigns.

Funnelflux Pro Pricing Plans

Funnelflux Pro offers one pricing plan for its users. This plan comes for $49.5/month.

Funnelflux Pro Alternatives

  • Voluum: A reliable ad tracking tool that offers innovative features to improve campaign performance, including separate workspaces, white-labeled shared reports, and a unique loyalty program.
  • MaxConv: An affiliate ad tracker that provides a range of features such as funnels tracking, traffic source post back percentage, and manual conversion correction, making it a smart alternative to FunnelFlux Pro.
  • Adverity: A comprehensive marketing data integration tool that enables users to analyze data across multiple platforms, providing a single point of truth for marketing performance.

Funnelflux Pro Referral Program

FunnelFlux Pro Referral Program is an enticing opportunity for affiliates. The Program offers a lucrative 25% lifetime commission on referred users. This referral program also extends to second-tier affiliates, who can earn a 5% commission on their referrals.

The program is separate from the original FunnelFlux product, and affiliates can learn more about the terms and conditions by accessing the partners portal on the FunnelFlux website. This referral program is a testament to FunnelFlux Pro's commitment to rewarding those who help expand its user base, making it an attractive option for those interested in affiliate marketing.

Final Words on Funnelflux Pro

FunnelFlux Pro is a powerful and flexible marketing tracking tool that offers a range of features designed to help performance marketers track and analyze their campaigns. With its visual funnel builder, comprehensive reporting, advanced tracking capabilities, and useful integrations, FunnelFlux Pro provides a comprehensive solution for tracking marketing campaigns. Whether you're a performance marketer, an advertising agency, or a product owner, FunnelFlux Pro offers the tools and features you need to track and analyze your marketing campaigns effectively.

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