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Earn2Trade is an innovative educational platform that empowers individuals to navigate the world of financial trading. It offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including educational courses, webinars, and simulated trading experiences, designed to equip aspiring traders with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the financial markets.


Funded Trader Programs

Earn2Trade offers two paths to funding, the Trader Career Path and the Gauntlet Mini, both of which utilize a virtual trading simulation tool. Traders can start with a virtual account ranging from $25,000 to $200,000 and prove their skills over a period of at least 15 trading days. Upon successful completion, traders receive a funding offer from a proprietary trading firm.

Educational Resources

Earn2Trade provides a wide variety of educational tools and resources to assist traders on their journey. This includes a “Beginner Crash Course,” webinars, online lessons, and a blog. The platform also provides news feeds, economic calendars, and tools for charting.

Customization and Compatibility

Earn2Trade supports various volume chart types and is compatible with a variety of trading platforms, allowing traders to utilize the tools and resources they need for success. This flexibility makes Earn2Trade an attractive choice for traders with varying levels of experience and different trading styles.

Robust Customer Support

Earn2Trade offers responsive customer support to assist traders with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the platform. Support is available through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and social media3.

Risk Management

Earn2Trade's funded trader programs teach traders how to set and comply with a daily loss limit requirement and a limit on how many contracts they can trade. This helps limit losses and improves gains, providing a realistic trading environment for traders to prepare for live trading.

Use Cases of Earn2Trade

  • Skill Enhancement: Use Earn2Trade's educational resources and trading simulation tool to enhance your trading skills and knowledge.
  • Career Advancement: Pass Earn2Trade's funded trader program to receive a funding offer from a proprietary trading firm and advance your trading career.
  • Risk Management: Utilize Earn2Trade's risk management rules to learn how to limit losses and improve gains in a realistic trading environment.

Earn2Trade Pricing Plans

Earn2Trade offers a singular price of $249 for its course

Earn2Trade Alternatives

  • FTMO: A Forex proprietary firm located in Prague, Czech Republic. It offers a variety of instruments for trading including Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, and Crypto.
  • Funded Trading Plus: A Forex proprietary firm based in London, UK. It provides trading in Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, and Crypto.
  • Topstep: A Futures proprietary firm located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It offers trading in Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy, Interest Rates Futures, and Metals Futures.

Earn2Trade Affiliate Program

The Earn2Trade Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to partner with a rapidly growing international business in the futures trading space. By becoming an affiliate, you receive a custom link with a unique personal discount code, allowing you to earn commissions on conversions and sales made through your code. 

This program not only provides a chance to earn money by promoting excellent products but also gives access to additional resources that can help enhance content, engage with audiences, and grow personal brands. Affiliates can leverage Earn2Trade's reputation for high professional standards, transparency, and positive customer feedback to boost their own credibility and reach. The program is a win-win, offering value to both the affiliates and their audience, who gain access to Earn2Trade's comprehensive educational content and funded trader programs.

Few Final Words on Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade is more than just an educational platform. It is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to guide individuals on their journey from novice traders to professional traders. With its wide range of resources and unique evaluation programs, Earn2Trade is paving the way for the next generation of successful traders.

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