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Amasuite is a software suite designed to help Amazon sellers and affiliates extract and analyze top-selling products on the platform. It consists of five different tools that work on both Windows and Mac computers, providing valuable insights to help users make informed decisions about which products to sell or promote.


Key Features of Amasuite

  • Top Product Analyzer allows users to analyze the best-selling products in any category on Amazon, helping them identify potential products to sell or promote.
  • The Search Analyzer extracts and analyzes products from Amazon for any given search phrase, providing users with a list of products and insights to increase their earning potential.
  • The Keyword Generator extracts the exact keywords people are searching for on major eCommerce websites, helping users optimize their product listings and improve their search rankings.
  • Review Analyzer extracts product reviews and analyzes the benefits and problems of the products, providing valuable insights for users to improve their product offerings.
  • As a bonus tool, the Ali Inspector is designed to help users find dropshipping or manufacturers via AliExpress, which can be useful for Amazon sellers looking to source products.

Use Cases of Amasuite

  • Product Research: Identify top-selling products on Amazon to sell or promote using Amasuite's Top Product Analyzer.
  • Keyword Optimization: Optimize product listings with relevant keywords using Amasuite's Keyword Generator.
  • Review Analysis: Improve product offerings by analyzing customer reviews with Amasuite's Review Analyzer.

Amasuite Pricing Plans

Amasuite comes for $67. This is a discounted price for a limited time through which users can save $130 on the normal price.

Amasuite Alternatives

  • Helium10: This is an all-in-one software provider that offers tools to assist with every stage of the product sales pipeline, from finding a product to launching and scaling your business.
  • Viral Launch: This software company provides Amazon seller tools to help brands scale their businesses. Viral Launch’s easy-to-use software suite is responsible for helping drive over $8 billion in sales on Amazon.
  • Sellics: This is an all-in-one software solution for Amazon Sellers. Sellics combines automation with PPC advisors to let your Amazon PPC fly. It is the perfect solution for any Amazon Seller who wants to stay ahead of the competition and keep their finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

Amasuite Affiliate Program

The Amasuite Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to earn massive commissions by promoting Amasuite 5, a comprehensive toolkit for Amazon sellers and affiliates. This re-invented version of Amasuite comes with five newly designed research desktop apps that work on both Mac and PC, providing cutting-edge research on products to sell or promote on Amazon.

The software is easy to use and offers precise filtering to zero in on hidden money makers on Amazon. Affiliates can promote Amasuite 5 and earn commissions on sales made through their affiliate links. The program also provides support for affiliates, including a dedicated support staff and a range of promotional materials to help affiliates succeed.

Final Verdict

Amasuite is a comprehensive software suite that provides valuable tools and resources for Amazon sellers and affiliates. By using Amasuite, users can gain insights into top-selling products, uncover profitable keywords, and analyze product reviews to make informed decisions about their product offerings and marketing strategies. With its powerful features and training courses, Amasuite can help users build a successful Amazon business and outrank competitors in the market.

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